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 general routes that can be adjusted to your needs and schedule. You can start from any point, as seen from the map as well

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The first route passes through the cosmopolitan Nydri of Lefkas, believed by the German archaeologist Wilhelm Dörpfeld to be the Odysseus’ hometown, named as Ithaca in Homer’s epic poem.
From there, the sailing boat can travel between Kalamos island and Mytikas of mainland Greece to Fokotrypa (18nm). Fokotrypa beach, otherwise called ‘Crystal Waters’, is accessed through a cave. The name Fokotrypa means hole of the seals, implying the cave was once a seal shelter. Fokotrypa belongs to the island Kastos, whose port (0.5nm) is ideal for replenishing supplies. From there, one can sail to Kioni (14nm), a picturesque village of island Ithaca, greeting the traveler with its three traditional windmills and chapel. Before reaching Kioni, one can make a stop at Atokos island, an uninhabited island of breathtaking scenery that can only be reached by private boat. Vathy of Ithaca, is a traditional settlement of stunning Venetian architecture, is 6n.miles away. The traveler is welcomed by the Monument of the Sailor, the isle of Lazaretto, and an old French fort with two cannons, before rejoicing in the view of the tiled-roof mansions, spread in the gulf like an amphitheater. Vathy is considered to be the ancient port Phorcys (Forkis, Φόρκυς), where the temple of sea-god Phorcys was built.

In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus’ last stop was the island of the Phaeacians, an earthly utopia of wealth and kindness, believed to be today’s Corfu
(Kerkyra). The Phaeacians returned Odysseus to Ithaca with many gifts and honors. When they reached Phorcys, Odysseus was sleeping, so they laid him on the beach with all his treasures, to not disturb his rest.
   From Vathy, one can enjoy a 35nm sailing trip to Agios Nikolaos of Zakynthos (Zante) on the Ionian Sea, east of the coast of Kefalonia island. The sound of waves, the smell of salt, and the blow of the light sea breeze will accompany you on this relaxing and adventurous journey.
   Agios Nikolaos is your opportunity to explore the Greek kefi (joy, κέφι) and eu-zin (wellbeing, ευ ζην) by enjoying the traditional Greek hospitality of a local taverna, relaxing on the beach with a cold-brew coffee and basking in the sun. From there, one can visit the magical Blue Caves (2nm). Rock arches, uniquely shaped from erosion, reflect the dazzling blue waters and the clear blue sky and create a mystical universe of water, earth, and light. One can swim from cave to cave and explore the otherworldly landscape.
Navagio beach (8nm) can be visited next, worldwide known for its 1980 shipwrecked vessel, half-buried in the sand. Navagio is famous for its popular panoramic view Instagram picture spot, located halfway between the villages of Volimes and Anafonitria, where the entire beach can be seen from above.    

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The second route goes through Spartochori of Meganisi. The picturesque village is the ideal introduction to the Greek summer, with its pine forest, its colorful scenery full of flowers, its white-washed houses, and its traditional tavernas with delicious local fish.
    At Sivota bay of Lefkas (6nm away), one can enjoy magnificent beaches of wild beauty by day and lively bars and restaurants by night.
From there, you can travel to Porto Katsiki (12nm), ranked among the top beaches in Greece and the Mediterranean. Its white abrupt cliffs contrast with the crystal blue waters, illuminated by the dazzling light. Combined with the rich vegetation surrounding it, the beach is part of a natural landscape of breathtaking allure.
   Fiskardo (9nm) of Kefalonia island is the next stop, a cosmopolitan destination catering to a tourist’s every need. The charming village of Venetian architecture has historical sights of Paleolithic and Byzantine times, as well as a Natural and Environmental Museum.
   From there, traveling coastally along Kefalonia, you can reach Agia Effimia
(Euphemia) (11nm). This destination is close to many beautiful beaches and coves that can only be explored by private boat. It also has historic remains of Venetian mansions and fortresses.
   The port of Sami is 4nm away, built close to the archaeological site of Ancient Sami and to old monasteries, like Agrilia Monastery. You cannot miss this chance to visit the Cave of nymph Melissani, a serene and ethereal underground lagoon, pierced by sunlight. You can also visit Antisamos, a stunning beach of turquoise waters and rich vegetation, where some scenes of the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin was shot. If you are lucky, you will come across Sami’s summertime festivities and cultural events.        From Sami, one can sail to Poros (12nm). The gorge of Poros is an impressive geomorphological formation, through which flows the river Vohynas. The gorge was a site of worship from prehistoric times, while numerous myths have emerged regarding its ridges. One tale says that the area was marked by the footprints of Hercules, hence the valley of Pronnoi, where the gorge ends, is locally named Arakli (from Iraklis, Ηρακλής). Another tale ascribes the markings to a dragon, hence a cave in the gorge is called Drakaina (female dragon, Δράκαινα).
    Next, you can visit Navagio beach of Zante (Zakynthos) (22nm), worldwide known for its 1980 shipwrecked vessel, half-buried in the sand. Navagio is famous for its popular panoramic view Instagram picture spot, located halfway between the villages of Volimes and Anafonitria, where the entire beach can be seen from above.

    From Navagio, you can end your trip to Argostoli (24nm), the capital of Kefalonia. The port is the ideal place to stay, close to many of the island’s tourist attractions. The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli, rich in Mycenaean artifacts, is definitely worth a visit. Mount Ainos (Aenos), designated as a National Park, is an opportunity for hiking among imposing Kefalonia fir trees. It was believed by Ancient Greeks to be the home of Zeus, the father of the gods, due to its frequent storms and thunderbolts.

destination sail cruises Ionian sea Poseidon yachts (1).png

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